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Comprehensive Electronic Assembly Services

Services Offered

Often, manufacturers are asked if they can support a customer's needs and they say "yes" without first understanding what they are.

At XLR8, we understand that more important than winning the business is earning a customer's trust and supporting them long term. We review each opportunity to determine if it is a fit. Most of the time, we are able to support a customer's needs, and if we can't, we will refer you to one of our partners that can.

At XLR8, we provide solutions to the following challenges:

  • Assembly

  • Printed Circuit Board

  • Material Sourcing:

    Consignment, Turnkey or Mixed‑Model

Technology Supported

  • SMT: 0402, 0201, 01005, BGA,

    uBGA, LGA, PoP, and Thru‑Hole

  • Pb and RoHs compliant

  • “BOX” Build

  • Final System Assembly, Integration, and Packaging

  • Test

We can help our customers decide the best strategy for their products and test them prior to shipment.

  • Design Services

From an idea to a product ready design, we have the expertise to support your needs

We are proud to offer the following:

  • Electrical Design

  • Schematic Capture and Layout

  • DFx

* Design services managed by reference to 3rd‑party design firms