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Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing a manufacturing partner for the first time or switching from one to another is a big decision. We have created this page to answer some of the most common questions we receive.

Is there a minimum build requirement?

At XLR8, there is never a minimum build requirement. If you need 1 board built or you need thousands, we are ready to scale and meet your requirements.

What do you need to provide me with a quotation?

At XLR8, we are familiar with the design process and recognize that often the documentation is less than perfect. We have adapted our process to be extremely flexible and support the needs of the engineering community. Most quotations can be completed by having the following: build quantity, BOM (bill of materials), and assembly instructions.

My current CM can’t support my timeline and need date. Can XLR8 help?

Yes! We will be happy to support your projects on an as-needed basis. We are confident that the excellent service we provide will keep you coming back for future needs as well.

What volume can XLR8 support?

Our specialty is from 1 to thousands of units. Should our clients’ products grow to high volume, we have partner relationships in place that are able to support your needs.

I have components for my build, but I need a few more. What are my options to make sure I have a complete BOM?

At XLR8, we are focused on helping you get your product quickly. We can take the material you have and help you source the rest to ensure you have a complete BOM. We offer consignment, mixed-model, and full turnkey material solutions. We can source it all and let you relax and focus on your other duties.